Buying Foreclosures In Chicago

5 Things You Should Know About Buying Foreclosures in Chicago

Are you in the market to buy low priced distressed properties? There are some things you should know about buying foreclosures in Chicago. Kinds of Foreclosures First of all, it is important to understand that foreclosure is a process. The first step is called pre-foreclosure. This means that the property is in default and the … Continued

Get A Down Payment For Chicago Real Estate

5 Ways To Quickly Get A Down Payment for Chicago Real Estate

Looking to purchase a house or an investment property right now? Here are some ways to quickly get a down payment for Chicago real estate.  Low Down Payment Mortgages There are a few programs to help first time home buyers that require very little down payment in regards to the total purchase price. This option … Continued

Your First Investment Property Chicago

6 Ways To Finance Your First Investment Property in Chicago

Do you want to buy your first investment property, but you aren’t sure how you’ll finance it? Here are 6 ways to get the cash you need to invest here locally in the Chicagoland area! Making an investment in Chicago real estate is never a bad idea. With consistently strong returns, real estate investment is … Continued

Holding Costs Chicago Real Estate

Understanding Your Holding Costs For Your Chicago Real Estate

Do you know what owning your home is really costing you? People are often surprised when they add up all the numbers to see just how much of their income is being spent on an unwanted property. Learn more about some of the holding costs you will potentially face as a homeowner in your area.  … Continued

Buying A Multi-Family Chicago IL

A Step By Step Guide For Buying A Multi-Family Property in Chicago

Buying a multi-family property in Chicago is one of the best ways to grow your investment portfolio. With more doors, you have more people writing you a rent check each month! Learn more about how buying a multi-family property in Chicago will benefit you in our step-by-step guide! Are you interested in buying multi-family in … Continued

Grow Your Real Estate Investment Portfolio Chicago

5 Ways To Grow Your Real Estate Investment Portfolio In Chicago

Are you ready to take the next step in your investment career? If you are ready to expand on what you have already been doing, our latest article will help! Learn about ways to grow your real estate investment portfolio in this blog post! Once you’ve made your first, second, or third real estate investment … Continued

Large Multi-Family Properties

5 Things To Know About Buying Large Multi-Family Properties In Chicago

For many Chicago investors, buying large multi-family properties is the logical next step in their investment career. It can be a game-changer for many portfolios. Learn what to expect about making the transition in our latest post!  Have you ever considered all of the benefits that owning a large multi-family property could offer you? When … Continued

Real Estate Investments Chicago

How To Find A Great Partner For Your Chicago Real Estate Investments

Working with a partner can be an excellent way to succeed with your Chicago real estate investments. The trouble can be in finding the right one. Learn more about how to find like-minded people to share your real estate journey within our latest article post! Getting into real estate investing in Chicago can seem difficult. … Continued

Hidden Costs Home Sellers Face In Chicago

Thinking about putting your Chicago house on the market? Before you do, learn more about the unexpected costs home sellers face when trying to sell their homes in Chicago. You might be surprised at what you will be required to spend in order to successfully sell your home. Many people think that they will simply … Continued

selling a house in Chicago

Running The Numbers For Selling Your House in Chicago

Planning on selling your house in Chicago? Make sure you run the numbers so you know exactly what to expect! A traditional sale can cost a fortune whereas a direct sale won’t usually cost you anything. In this blog, we discuss the costs and timeframe you can expect when selling your house in Chicago!  Many … Continued

Selling In Chicago

Why Isn’t Your Home Selling In Chicago?

Have you tried listing your house without luck? It happens to people all the time. Learn why your property isn’t selling in Chicago in our latest post! There are many things that can cause a single-family home or multi-family property to not sell on the MLS. Whether the house is old and ugly or new … Continued

Multi-Family Properties in Chicago

5 Tips For Buying Profitable Multi-Family Properties in Chicago

Are you looking for multi-family properties in Chicago? Check out our tips to help you save time and money when you are ready to buy! Multi-family property investment in Chicago is a wonderful way to build your portfolio. However, not every multi-family property will be profitable. It’s important to know what to do both before … Continued

Multi-Family Investment Properties In Chicago

Multi-Family Investment Properties In Chicago Pros & Cons

Do you want to learn more about multi-family investment properties in Chicago? Check out our post for some of the pros and cons! Multi-family investment properties in Chicago can help to grow your real estate portfolio. In fact, many people use owner-occupied multi-family properties to begin their investing careers. By living in one of the … Continued