5 Reasons to Avoid Working With an Agent When Buying Real Estate Nationwide

If you are in the market to buy a property it is helpful to understand the pitfalls that can accompany working with real estate agents. Read on as we explore five reasons to avoid working with an agent when buying real estate nationwide.


Likely the first reason buyers decide to avoid working with an agent when buying property is because while sellers do pay the commissions, the additional cost the sellers and buyers agent fees add to the sales price are built into the price you will pay as a cushion to ease the blow. Working with a professional investor like the pros at Global Abundance LLC offers an alternative to a real estate agent that can save you money while providing expert advice because there are no commissions or hidden fees to worry about.

Feeling Heard

Another reason to avoid working with an agent when buying real estate nationwide is the difficulty in finding someone who understands your wishlist and will show you listings that fit the bill. Outside factors may influence the properties they have lined up to show you. For instance, if they also list properties for sale, perhaps they have a listing they hope you’ll fall in love with so they can benefit by earning both sides of the commission. When you work with a professional investor like the direct buyers at Global Abundance LLC, you will know that you are being heard, we stop and take the time to understand and help you achieve your goals.

Pushing Financial Limits

Often, buyers avoid working with an agent when buying property in Chicago because they are unable to find agents that will strictly target listings that fall within their budget. Often, buyers agents will push you towards listings that are just out of your price range in the hopes of encouraging you to finagle your finances and come up with more. A direct buyer like those at Global Abundance LLC isn’t motivated by commissions. Direct buyers understand it is important to purchase the most affordable property available that suits your needs in the best possible location and will work with you to find the perfect property.


Because a buyers agent is paid in commission, they have a strong incentive for your bid to be the winning bid and may pressure you to offer more than necessary to be certain you get the deal, this is another reason to avoid working with an agent when buying real estate nationwide. Knowing how to negotiate offers and work with sellers to get the best deal possible while making a fair offer is a specialty of professional investors, so why not put these skills to work for you by working with a direct buyer like the seasoned pros at Global Abundance LLC to help you buy your new home?


Knowing a seller’s motivations or other important data such as whether or not they’ve received other offers can influence what they may accept as offers from buyers. However, when you work with a buyer’s agent this information is entrusted to them and will not be coming straight to you and this is another reason to avoid working with an agent when buying a property in your target area.

When you add up the advantages of working with a professional investor, avoiding the costs and pitfalls of working with an agent when buying a home is key. If you’re looking for property, let the full-service team at Global Abundance LLC help you handle every step of the process with ease. Don’t forget to ask about our current inventory of the best property available in various states across the country. Contact Global Abundance LLC at (800) 953-2124.

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