avoid paying taxes

Avoid Paying Taxes When Selling Your Chicago Area Home

Have you considered selling your house in Chicago? Depending on your property, capital gains taxes may become a factor. However, there is a way to defer your taxes! Learn how to avoid paying taxes when selling your Chicago house in our latest article! You might be excited to sell your house for a big profit, however, Uncle … Continued

delinquent property taxes in Chicago

Delinquent Property Taxes In Chicago? Steps You Can Take Today

Are you dealing with delinquent property taxes in Chicago? If so, you may be worried about losing your house or coming up with the cash to pay your financial obligation. Fortunately, you have services readily available to you! Find out more about how to manage your tough real estate tax issues in our most current … Continued

Unpaid Property Taxes In Chicago

The Consequences Of Unpaid Property Taxes In Chicago

Do you have unpaid property taxes in Chicago? If so, the repercussions might be very tough to take care of. In our latest article, we will help you learn more about what’s at risk and the choices available to you! Depending upon where you live, the size and value of your home, property taxes can … Continued