buying an investment property sight unseen

4 Things You Should Know About Buying an Investment Property Sight Unseen

Are you ready to broaden your real estate horizons? Why not reach out to new markets to further diversify your investment portfolio? The real estate market no longer knows any boundaries by advances in marketing through digital photography, drones, and internet technology.  Real estate investors can now search through online sites for listings, with the … Continued

pay cash for your investment property in chicago

5 Tips to Help You Pay Cash for Your Investment Property in Chicago

While you may believe you are in no position financially to invest in another property, there are several creative ways to achieve the American dream of homeownership. The ultimate in buying is the ability to pay cash for the real estate transaction, saving time, trouble, and interest. Cash buyers stand out among other offers and … Continued

real estate investing in Chicago

How Almost Anyone Can Get Started With Real Estate Investing in Chicago

Almost anyone can earn passive income through real estate investing and help maintain your lifestyle before and during retirement! Sound like a far fetched dream? If you think real estate investing is just not going to happen for you, well think again. There are many ways to get started right this minute! We will explore … Continued

upgrade your house in chicago

5 Signs You Need to Upgrade Your House in Chicago

Starter homes are just that, an excellent place for new homeowners to get a start. These are usually smaller, more affordable homes and may require renovation. Wise real estate investors know that homeownership includes selling and buying multiple homes in a lifetime. Some common triggers usually set the chain of events into motion that propels … Continued

downsize your house in Chicago

6 Signs You Need to Downsize Your House in Chicago

While typically not considered by first-time homebuyers, downsizing homes is a normal process in homeownership evolution; understanding this from the outset can help you plan your moves and look forward to this phase. By recognizing the signs early and knowing when to begin taking steps towards downsizing, you can be ahead of the game. Additionally, … Continued

flip your first house in Chicago

How to Flip Your First House in Chicago in 2021

Ready to jump on board and flip your first house in Chicago? Buying and flipping older or bargain properties, and then selling them for a profit, is an attractive method of entry into real estate investing. Read on to discover how to flip your first Chicago area house in 2021. Plan Investing in real estate … Continued

real estate investors in chicago

5 of Our Favorite Online Resources for Real Estate Investors in Chicago

We help real estate investors in Chicago get the information they need. Real estate investing is about building passive income for your future, while building your wealth through the equity in your holdings. Done properly, you can leverage your holdings and continue to grow your portfolio. The right tool makes the job easy and knowledge … Continued

Chicago real estate investors

5 Formulas Chicago Real Estate Investors Need To Know

We help real estate investors in Chicago get the information they need. Knowledge is power and those who understand their numbers best, win at investing in real estate. As an investor, the single most important factor in the success of your business, may be your ability to run the numbers correctly. Whether you work alongside … Continued

buying mobile homes in georgia

10 Things People Don’t Know About Buying Mobile Homes in Georgia

Buying mobile homes in Georgia can help you to rapidly grow your portfolio. While the average investor may never have given much consideration to mobile homes, they can actually serve quite well as a launching pad to get your real estate investment business off of the ground. Mobile homes differ from conventional real estate in … Continued

Buying A Fixer-Upper Property In Chicago

What to Look for When Buying a Fixer-Upper Property in Chicago

Buying a fixer-upper property is a big decision. Naturally, every investor wants to find a bargain, especially when it comes to an investment as large as purchasing real estate. While everyone’s dream of real estate investing may be different, the trouble with fixer-uppers differs little, despite which type of property you invest in, they share … Continued

Build Wealth Using Real Estate

How Global Abundance LLC Can Help You Build Wealth Using Real Estate

Our number one job at Global Abundance LLC is to help you save time and money while you build wealth. Working with us means you have a team to make success easy for you. Global Abundance LLC is composed of professionals involved in every facet of buying, selling, and managing properties. You can rely on … Continued

Buying Real Estate In Chicago

5 Things Investors Wish They Knew Before Buying Real Estate in Chicago

While some buyers dive into real estate investing without looking, others find themselves frozen, fearful to make the wrong choice with their hard-earned investment funds. Regrettably, there is no warning label available on properties to point out the perfect fit for their goals. Likewise, no alarms will sound to stop new investors from making what … Continued

Buying Investment Property

5 Things Investors Shouldn’t Do When Buying Investment Property

Want to start off your real estate investment business on the right foot? We will explore 5 things investors shouldn’t do when buying investment property. Take Risks Suddenly finding yourself in a position to buy a piece of investment property? While it may be tempting to jump in feet first without knowing the depth, the … Continued