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How Global Abundance LLC Is Removing the Stigma Associated With Professional Home Buyers in Chicago

How Global Abundance LLC Is Removing the Stigma Associated With Professional Home Buyers

Myths long outlive the truth, and this is true regarding professional home buyers. These myths range from forcing sellers into accepting unfair offers, and nothing could be farther from the truth about Global Abundance LLC. Another illusion is that all sellers are better served by selling on their own or working with a real estate agent/broker and listing their property on the MLS. Other than high real estate commissions, the additional expenses and risks of these home sales methods are nearly equal for the seller. 

For many sellers, Global Abundance LLC offers a solution that helps relieve them of enormous stress, whether personal or financial, because we take all of the legal and financial risks onto our professional shoulders. We’ll explore just how Global Abundance LLC is removing the stigma associated with professional home buyers in Chicago.

Great Prices

Global Abundance LLC is removing the stigma associated with professional home buyers in Chicago because we pay great prices. We are a part of the community, and making less than reasonable offers would negatively impact our reputation and work to devalue our very own investments. For those sellers with circumstances that make teaming up with us the better option, we work together to reach a fair agreement. For others, we offer convenience. Much like trading in a used car, these sellers prefer to avoid MLS listings’ hassles, choosing to trade in their existing property. We make the process easy, walking you through each step clearly explaining how we reach our offer. At Global Abundance LLC, our real estate transactions are easy to understand by using simple, straightforward contracts and taking the time to answer any questions you have.


By taking the time to understand your time constraints, financial picture, and influencing personal factors, we can help you layout the best plan to resolve your current problems with your property. We are always honest with sellers. As professional real estate investors at Global Abundance LLC, we sleep well at night knowing that our number one priority is helping our neighbors in the Chicagoland area solve problems with their properties. Global Abundance LLC is removing the stigma associated with professional home buyers across the nation through our honest dealings. We can also help you focus on moving forward and achieving your goals with the next step in your real estate investments. Need extra time in your existing home before you move? We won’t push you out because we won’t be moving in, Global Abundance LLC is happy to work with you to help make the process easy.

Tough Spots

Despite the best of plans, life has a way of intervening. While some sellers have simply run out of time, others may find they have fallen into a financial hole. A real estate agent cannot provide you with a closing date. We are removing the stigma associated with professional home buyers in the marketplace through our ability to step up and help sellers in challenging situations, pressing debt, or even the threat of foreclosure may be looming over their heads. Some homeowners find that their home has become a steady flow of expenses for never-ending upkeep and ever-larger repairs that they can no longer afford. When you work with us, we save sellers time and money in one fell swoop. There’s no need to worry about prepping or repairing, and you don’t even have to clean. You won’t be waiting for financing to be approved for your buyer either. Unlike traditional real estate transactions, we can provide a guaranteed closing date; because we pay in cash, we can close quickly from the time of our initial meeting, usually within 30 days and in some cases less. 


While they can set a listing price between holding costs, unexpected repairs, prepping for showings, marketing expenses, and commissions, the numbers remain in the air until closing is successful. We remove the skepticism associated with professional home buyers in Chicago by being completely transparent. Our contracts are simple and straightforward. We layout every step we take as our network of professionals handles the entire process for you, from offer to closing table. Working with Global Abundance LLC makes selling easy. We do not charge commissions or have any hidden fees. When we make an offer, we tell you just how much cash you will walk away with from the closing table. You won’t have to prep for showings or make repairs. There will be nothing coming off your profit because you will not have to worry about any upfront out-of-pocket expenses. 

At Global Abundance LLC, we love helping people solve problems! Our team understands it is important to stop and listen while working with you to best resolve your unique issues. The professional home buyers at our company are happy to answer any questions you have about your situation, with no obligation. Send us a message or call Global Abundance LLC at (800) 953-2124 today!

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