5 Ways the Real Estate Industry is Changing in 2023

real estate industry nationwide

While some basics about real estate will never change, the industry is constantly modified to keep in step with economic changes, updates to industry standards, technological advances and shifts in real estate trends. Along with all this, lawmakers are continually updating the tax codes which affect real estate transactions. Keeping your eyes on the horizon of these industry changes can help you make important decisions about buying and selling real estate nationwide. So read on as we explore five ways the real estate industry as a whole is changing in 2023. 


The right tool can make any job more manageable, and one of the most significant ways that the real estate industry is changing in 2023 is through online tools. Buyers take advantage of technology and search through properties quickly, easily comparing and narrowing down their options. Likewise, sellers can reach buyers from around the world, who can take virtual tours and complete the transaction remotely. However, many sellers prefer to list and work with a professional agent to assist with the complicated paperwork and handle the intricacies of negotiations, where deals can be made or broken during highly charged emotional exchanges. Experts like the hybrid real estate agents from Global Abundance LLC are seasoned negotiators you can rely on to represent your interests and bring you the best offer for your property.


Another way the real estate industry is changing in 2023 is the intensity of would-be renters who have started to switch gears; their pursuit of homeownership is declining because concern over the pandemic is beginning to wane. So if you’re considering selling, now may be the time to put your home on the market. Are you considering selling on your own as an FSBO to save the real estate commissions for yourself? Only about 8 percent of homes recently sold were FSBO listings. Working with a hybrid real estate agent like those at Global Abundance LLC acting as a direct buyer means you can keep your money in your pocket. At Global Abundance LLC, our direct buyers buy homes as-is for cash, and you won’t pay any commissions, brokers fees or closing costs.

Tax Laws

Some of the ways that the real estate industry across the board is changing in 2023 are tax laws that may affect capital gains and like-kind exchanges. Hybrid agent investors like those at Global Abundance LLC are highly educated real estate agents and successful property investors in the real estate market nationwide in multiple tier 1 markets. At Global Abundance LLC, your hybrid agent investor stays on top of the trends and changes affecting sellers to provide the best possible assistance with such a significant transaction.

Interest Rates

Increases in interest rates may cause a slowing of the growth of home sales, which is another way that the real estate industry is changing in 2023. In addition, many buyers who can afford a loan under the current rates will push them out of the market in the near future. As a result, sellers may want to take the opportunity to sell their house in Chicago while buyers can still qualify for loans under the current rates. If your home is ready-to-move-in, working with a hybrid real estate agent like those at Global Abundance LLC acting as a real estate agent to list your property may best serve you. However, homes in apparent disrepair don’t fare well on the market, and a direct sale to your hybrid agent investor from Global Abundance LLC acting as a direct buyer may be your best option.

Global Abundance LLC

The real estate industry is evolving, bringing about the best way that the real estate industry is changing in 2023, the emergence of hybrid real estate agents, offering a one-stop solution to meet the needs of any seller. If you are under a time crunch, acting as a direct buyer, your hybrid agent investor from Global Abundance LLC can provide you with a guaranteed closing date, often within a matter of days. Now, if that is causing anxiety, talk to your hybrid agent investor from Global Abundance LLC about working out the date you would prefer for the closing. Another form of anxiety experienced by many sellers is due to the process of showings; if you would rather skip the hassles, then making a direct sale to your hybrid agent investor from Global Abundance LLC is the answer you seek. Because we want you to feel good about working with Global Abundance LLC long after closing, our hybrid agent investors will provide you with the details of your profits from listing vs. our offer to buy your home directly, which we want you to agree is fair. At Global Abundance LLC, we take great pride in our work and believe it shows in how we communicate with our sellers and offer solutions to get you over any hurdles standing in the way of the sale. Ready to learn more with no obligation? Call Global Abundance LLC at (800) 953-2124.

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