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5 Mistakes Homeowners Make When Selling a House FSBO

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Don’t you want the most profit possible when you sell your home? Why settle for less when you could save yourself valuable time and possibly thousands of dollars by avoiding these five mistakes homeowners make when selling a house FSBO


While you may be excited about your asking price, overpricing is one of the single most significant mistakes homeowners make when selling a house FSBO. While your home is precious to you, buyers can very quickly assess just how much in a home they would get for their money when scrolling online and will move on. Unfortunately, listings that linger, no matter the reason, tend to sell far below actual market value. A professional buyer like those at Global Abundance LLC will detail every number, so you’ll agree that our cash offer is fair. 

Over Personalized

Skipping on the staging of your home is another mistake many homeowners make when selling a house FSBO. When you’re in a store and pick up a pair of shoes to try them on, do you want to see signs of use? Likewise, when buyers walk through a property and notice someone else’s belongings everywhere they look, it is difficult for them to visualize themselves in the space. The staging theory presents a neutral background that appears unclaimed. If you prefer to do any redecorating in your new home instead and avoid the showings, making a direct sale to a professional buyer like us at Global Abundance LLC can save you the expense and trouble.


A fresh coat of paint can do a great deal to brighten up the oldest of homes. Replacing outdated appliances, worn flooring, cabinetry, and countertops can also significantly impact buyers with reasonably low investments. Failure to make these changes before listing on the market is another mistake homeowners make when selling a house FSBO. Buyers seek homes ready to move into, and buyers will consider anything less as a bargain buy, no matter what your price. Working with a professional buyer means you won’t even have to clean up. 

No Pre-Inspection

Failure to inspect before listing on the market is another mistake homeowners make when selling a home FSBO. When you list before the inspection, you should be aware you’re legally on the hook when disclosing any known or unknown issues. You may be deep into negotiations only to face weeks or even months of delays while completing any repairs, or the deal may be lost altogether when your buyer walks away. If you prefer to skip all the updates and go straight to the closing table, a seasoned investor will buy your home as-is, and your closing date is guaranteed.

Unaware of Costs

Unfortunately, remaining blissfully unaware of the outlay of cash before the home sells is another mistake homeowners make when selling a house FSBO. Having a clear picture of what you may be facing in expenses will put you in the position to handle your situation instead of being caught off guard. Some of these expenses are unknown repairs, monthly bills while holding the property during the listing or repair work, real estate commissions, professional photography, marketing, and staging. An experienced investor like those at Global Abundance LLC will detail the profit you’d earn after the expenses of listing against our offer, so you can decide for yourself which is best.

Global Abundance LLC makes it easy to sell your home. Why make any of the mistakes homeowners make when selling a house, when you can start on the right foot by calling Global Abundance LLC at (800) 953-2124 or sending us a message today! 

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